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We all seem to have our favorite iPod/iPad games, and while many seem to love Angry Birds (the Birds hate me!), I am currently hooked on Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. Am I any good at it? Nope. But am I hooked? Oh, yeah. It's a fairly simple game, but timing is everything, and my timing stinks. I admit it. Still, it's one of the games I seem to go to when I have time to kill. The good part is that if I do manage to get stuck on a level, I have the option to skip it and go back later. 

Oh, yes, did I say that it's free? It is. It's also designed for both iPhone/touch and iPad. There is also a free, non-holiday version for the iPad and iPhone.

Now, in honor of Michigan's first major snowfall of the season, a new JibJab video featuring the MacGroup Five, girls vs boys, in a snowball fight. (Mr. Carson is gonna get me for this.)


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One Response to Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

  1. Chita says:

    Me out playing in the snow. LOL. Thats’s a good one!!!