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A few new features in iPhoto (iLife ‘11) are really nice additions to the software. One that I particularly like is the in-app email ability.



Here’s how it works…


  • While browsing your photos in iPhoto you can select one or up to 10 images to send at a time with this new in-app email feature.
  • Selecting the Share icon, you are presented with a list of options, including email. The selected images are placed in a formatted email that you can address and send off.































But before you send it off:

































  • If you don’t like the default theme selected, there are a total of 8 pre-defined themes to choose from. You can rearrange the placement of the images within the format if you decide that one image looks better ‘here than there.’ You can even select an image or images to zoom in on if you want to emphasize a particular area of the image.
  • Personalize the placement text to suit the occasion; but don’t worry if you forget or overlook some of the text, as I’ve done several times within Mail. You will be warned and just in case you click past this warning, the placeholder text won’t be sent with the email, it will just be removed (nice save).
  • The photos are automatically optimized, but if you want to send the original large size photo, you can just attach it to the email.
  • iPhoto in-app email also keeps copies of the emails sent so that you can send them again. To get to those saved emails, you have to click on an image that has been emailed already.

iPhoto preferences in-app email
























Whether your email account(s) is with MobileMe, Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail, AOL or the like, you can email from within iPhoto. Just set up the account info within the iPhoto preferences.



Emailing images with formatted content from iPhoto is a really nice touch over the blank canvas that most email messages consist of.





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4 Responses to iPhoto in-app emailing

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m sorry, but I don’t agree. I liked the fact that I could email pictures, and only the pictures, from iPhoto. Now, if I want to send one or more pictures in a blank/un-themed email, I have to drag them into the Mail app. This is a step backward if you ask me.

    Why Apple couldn’t include a blank theme in iPhoto is beyond me. Not everyone wants to send or receive photos in a themed email. As a matter of fact, if I need to send a photo to a colleague at work (or receive one), I definitely do NOT want it in a themed email…

  2. Chita says:

    It’s OK to disagree.
    A tip that might be helpful to you…
    Just drag your selected images onto the icon (works for Entourage also)
    An email will be created with the images attached, no theme.

  3. Jeff says:

    I retract my last response after the iPhoto 9.1.1 update. Apple has added a Classic theme (and a Journal theme) in the latest update!

    They’ve also added the ability to resize the pictures to small, medium, and large sizes. This is similar to the resizing options when sending a picture in a email on your iPhone or using the Mail app on your Mac.

    All of this restores similar functionality to that of the previous version of iPhoto, but now keeps the workflow entirely within iPhoto. Kudos to Apple for the update!

  4. Chita says:

    It seems that listening to their customers desires has paid good dividends.