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Okay let’s get to it.

Earlier this week someone wrote about files that they did not just backup but they had archived.

Lets review. A “Backup” is a what I call a “short term” data retention. In most cases you will probably overlay that backup with another backup in a short period of time. Like once a week or once a month. “Archives”, however are backups that you do with the thought of never overlaying the backup with another and might never ever restore a file from it, “long term” data retention.  But it’s there because you might need it. The drawback is that the files are on a media ( Floppy, Syquest, Zip, DVD, CD ….) that is one day no longer used. That is where the problem begins.


If you archived on a media like a Syquest drive a few years back, you may have a problem restoring that file. Not to mention you may not be able to play or view that file because that program is no longer available or won’t work with a more modern O/S.

          Calvin, how do I avoid this problem?


Periodic media movement. What this means is this. When you see that the media that you have your archives stored on is starting to go out of favor, that is an indication that it’s time to move your archives to a newer media. What happens when you do this (move your data to newer media) you will likely use a new program that can convert that file to a newer format so that if in the case you have to restore a file from your archive, you will be able to.

So as we are approaching the end of the year, perhaps you might want to look at your archives and consider moving your data forward to keep it available to you.


Musical Selection

I have enjoyed this artist in the past and this is one of my favorites by her. Like your media ….. it’s coming around again.



Radio Days

With the holidays approaching the “Internet Advisor” show will not be on the air again till January. However you still catch our podcast shows once a week at .


MacGroup Meeting Alert

Of course you want to make sure to make time to attend the MacGroup Detroit meeting this Sunday 12/19/2010. Lots to learn and see as usual with just some great time with some great people. I will be there and so should you!

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