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While we all finish up last minute holiday shopping for food and gifts, don't forget your computer. I bought my iMac a new 2 TB backup drive today. There are bargains to be had all over the place. Take advantage of them. I found mine at OfficeMax for under $150. I've seen 1 TB drives as low as $56. Watch for the latest daily deals at Don't see what you want today? Check back tomorrow. There are new deals posted every single day. You spent a good piece of change on your computer. Safeguard your data with a backup drive. Two would be even better.

I leave you with another video featuring your MacGroup 5, Terry, Phyllis, Jack, Chita and Calvin. Have a happy and safe holiday.


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One Response to Finished with your holiday shopping?

  1. Chita says:

    Wow, did you see the jumping splits I did! LOL
    The hair, oh the hair…