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As with any software, while some users experience no problems, others can be howling mad over problems and changes. The very recent update of iPhoto ‘11 has made many of it’s users much happier.


Let’s start at the top of the list…


Updating the iPhoto Library:

  • For many users this was the first step, and a step that iPhoto ‘11 just couldn’t get past. Unfortunately, this step could derail the app completely.
    Even I had updating problems with my iPhoto Library, so I felt some of this pain.


  • Many users also complained of speed, or lack there of. Being dog slow with thousands of images is one thing. Being dog slow with less than ten is just not acceptable.

The update seems to have addressed both of these issues. I, for one, have noticed how much zippier iPhoto is with my thousands of photos and importing problems have completely disappeared.


  • One really big complaint that was addressed is with the themes of the very nice in-app emailing feature. 

  • While themes are great, users also wanted a themeless, blank, email format along with a way to size the attached images, as with the previous version of iPhoto. With that, two new themes were added, “Classic and Journal.” Both are basically plain, blank in content, showing just the attachments and entered text.

This gives many users what they wanted, a way to work with iPhoto in a more work-oriented professional manner. 

  • Also added is the option to set as a default, emailing from an external email client; without having to select, pre-launch, or to drag/drop the images onto the external email client icon. This option is set from the iPhoto preferences and creates a themeless email in the external email client.

iPhoto preferences

















Hopefully this update will take care of the dominant issues that were plaguing some iPhoto users.


For a more detailed list of what the 12/21/10 iPhoto update covers, see:

iPhoto 9.1.1 Update



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4 Responses to iPhoto ’11 Update

  1. I like the iPhoto update. The program runs faster. It integrates with Pixelmator for Mac or Photoshop. I uninstalled Aperture after the update. I no longer needed it.

  2. Thanks Chita. Great presentation on Sunday. Don’t have iLife 11 yet, but it’s on my “get” list when the holidays quiet down. Especially interested in the Photo Books, as the interface looks much more inviting than the previous ones.

    And thank you for info on the update.

  3. Chita says:

    Thank You Mary Jo.
    I too, love the new cards and book features.

  4. Beth says:

    I cannot get it to update…says I need 9.1 which I have!!!??? Anyone know what to do?