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My favorite day of the week…….


F R I D A Y!


The geek’s version of the song “Noel”

When I was much younger I tried to write this carol but it is unfinished.




” The first Novell was a 386. By today’s standards slow back then pretty quick.

Novell, Novell. Novell Novell. Born is the king of File Servers!”



Okay pretty sad but I was pretty young.


I think this is that time of the year when we need to reflect on the past year, the things that we are grateful for. The people we are grateful for. Another chance to look for Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards men. What ever faith you follow at this time of year, I hope that all is good and well for you and yours.

This is one BACKUP I think we all need to do.


Musical Selection

My daughter is a figure skater and she skated to this song for an exhibition. For me, I thought she skated just magically to this song. Enjoy



Have a great holiday season!

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