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It's truly the little things that really make your computer life simplier and happier.

Like when navigating through Mac OS Finder windows to find or view files.

I set Finder windows for 3-column viewing, but sometimes because of this, file names can be partially replaced with an ellipsis. You know "…" (dot dot dot). With this, you can't see the full name of the file unless the column is widened.

Having to manually widen a Finder window column every time a file name is not fully visible is not a mundane repetitious motion that I've been happy to have to do. Now, with the following tips, I won't have to do it ever again.

Automatically Expand Column Width

Double-click on the Resize handle at the bottom right of the column you want to resize. The column will automatically expand to the width of the longest file name.









Resize Columns in all Finder windows simultaneously

Option+Drag the column handle. All columns in all open Finder windows will simultaneously resize. The added bonus is that all newly opened Finder windows will take on the same column widths. 

Context menu Column Resize options

Control+click (Right+click) on a column handle to display the following options:

  • Right Size This Column
    (Resizes column to the width of the longest name in column)

  • Right Size All Columns Individually
    (Resizes columns to the width of the longest name in each column)

  • Right Size All Columns Equally
    (Resizes all columns to the longest column width)











Hopefully these few tips will make navigation through column views a much better experience.


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2 Responses to Finder Column View Shortcuts

  1. roby says:

    Interesting! I don’t use 3-column view, well rarely, but that’s a hidden gem. Of course, it would be even better if when one double-clicked it again, it would return to its previous sizing!!

    It’d be nice to have such a feature for the list view, too!

  2. calvin says:

    It is truly amazing how some things are right in front of your nose and never realize it. Thanks for these hidden yet not hidden tips!