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A friend called the other day complaining about the default settings in Pages. She didn't like the font, she didn't like the margin settings. You get the picture. With Pages, Numbers and I'm sure many other applications, you can set up templates for the types of documents you use most. I have letterhead templates, legal forms that I use for my husband's business, templates with embedded watermark graphics — you name it and it can be created. 

Start with one of the included templates or a blank page. Make the modifications you want as to font, size, margins, etc., then use the File menu to Save as Template. That's all there is to it. If you have a standard template that you go to each time you open Pages, go to the Preferences and select it to open automatically.

Having templates set up can save time and energy. Just open and start typing. Simple. A little time spent now can save time later. Oh, and for boilerplate text that is used over and over — my favorite add-on is SpellCatcher. In addition to checking my spelling, it has a great shorthand feature that takes my preset abbreviations and expands them to anything from a name, to an address, to a full page of boilerplate text. I started using SpellCatcher on my Mac Classic, so you can tell that it has been around a long time. Good software endures. TypeIt4Me is another good app for boilerplate text, and it too has been around a long time.

One last thing. If you want to get rid of some of those templates later on, the path to them is: /Users/YourHome/Library/Application Support/iWork/Pages/Templates. Yep, like everything else, it's buried, but a little looking is all it takes.


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