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Happy New Year to all as we begin the first week of 2011.

My wish to all is for good health, for without it, truly, everything else in your life will take a back seat.

My post for this week also relates to good health.
The good health that you feel when you practice random acts of kindness.

And yes, there's an app for that.
Actually, there are a few, but one stands out for me more than others.

"DoGood" is an app created by a student organization at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI., "to Do Random Acts of Kindness at the University of Michigan. Our goal is to promote genuine acts of kindness. We expect nothing in return though we hope our deeds will inspire others to spread kindness through their lives and through the lives of others…DoGood inspires people to live life a bit better."

The app gives a daily suggestion of a good deed that you can do, or you can decide your own.
If desired, do-gooders respond with what they did that day directly to the app, and Share on Facebook or Twitter. You are also welcome to submit suggestions for good deeds.

The big picture, no, of course, you don't need an app to compel you to do a good deed.
But yes, this is a nice addition to your daily life of apps that try to keep you organized, or on time, or a little less forgetful; as an app like this may just keep you more in touch with daily humanity and humility.

Can't hurt.

Happy New Year!



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