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It's a given that the advent of the iPad was a "Game Changer."


And it continues to be.
I'm totally enthralled by the uses and ingenuity (albeit some off-beat) people have come up with for this device.

Regardless of how you feel about the iPad and what side of the conversation fence you fall on (love it, like it, luke warm or hate it), the iPad has made amazing in-roads into mainstream life as we know it, in many ways. The stories are often very compelling and inspiring, sometime revolutionary. Especially stories relating to education and healthcare. One such story that I'd like to share and pass along is this continuing one of Fraser Spiers.

The recent issue of MacWorld and PCWorld (online) included an article by Speirs:
An iPad for Every Child.

"We made the iPads available without
telling anyone what to do with them."

This brief story is just a small capsule of Spiers' blog,, which follows his journey as head of IT at Cedars School of Excellence, Greenock, Scotland. In August 2010 Speirs intitiated "The iPad Project", deploying 115 iPads to staff and students. The blog reads as a very fascinating journey into uncharted waters that started as the intent to facilitate a need that even their status quo (MacBooks) couldn't meet.


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