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Growing up in an Italian family, from late fall through early spring, Saturday afternoon meant the radio in the kitchen was always tuned to the weekly Metropolitan Opera broadcast. Old habits die hard, but with my crazy schedule, I can’t always catch the weekly opera broadcast, so I try to record it whenever possible. The usual routine has been to set Audio Hijack Pro to grab the audio stream from iTunes, start recording at a specific time, stop at a specific time. Don’t get me wrong. I love Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro, but I started to wonder if there was something else that could do a better job. Turns out that there is — also from Rogue Amoeba.

I decided to give Radioshift a try, and I now have a new favorite radio player/recorder. It’s slick, easy to use, and it can even record multiple radio streams at the same time.

The first thing you notice is a search window. Put in your favorite radio station, and if they have an internet stream, Radioshift will find it. You then have the chance to Add To Favorites, Tune In Live, or Subscribe. Subscribe let’s you set up a recording schedule. Not sure what’s out there? Searches can be broken down by Spoken, Music or Sports, then broken down further by sub-type. There’s something for everyone.

Recording can be done in the background, and even with Radioshift not running. As a test, I set it to record a 20 minute clip when I knew the computer would still be asleep, then quit the program and sat back to see what would happen. At the proper time, the computer woke up, the clip was recorded, and the final quality was perfect. I have it set to record the Met broadcast this coming Saturday, and I fully expect it to work without a problem. My only gripe? Setting the recording time to 3.5 hours resulted in it rounding up to 4 hours. Had to set it to 210 minutes. I can live with that. 

Radioshift is $32.00, but you can try before you buy. The only limit is that after 20 minutes, it will overlay static on the recording. If you have a Griffin radio SHARK, Radioshift will work with it to record standard AM & FM stations. 

As a plug for my fellow columnist, Cal Carson, you can set Radioshift to record his weekly Internet Advisor stints right from the WJR stream. My test recording was WJR.

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