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With so many ways to share files, if you have a MobileMe account you also have a great way to share large files quite easily, at your fingertips.


Love it, hate it, or lukewarm, MobileMe encapsulates online storage and lots of functionality: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, iDisk and Find My iPhone. MobileMe storage functionality is accessed from your computer using the iDisk volume, or online within

Syncing between my iPhone, computer and MobileMe cloud has proven to be an incredible asset and time saver for me. Yes, it has it's bumps and bruises, but that's nothing new to any software or functionality.

Individual MobileMe accounts start with 20 GB’s (more if you choose to purchase it) of disk space to use for file storage, Web Galleries, Web Sites, Movies, Pictures, etc.

One of the folders residing in the iDisk is the “Documents” folder. You can store any type of file in the Documents folder and then share it.

When I need to distribute large files, this is the folder I go to. The first thing I do is create a compressed copy of the folder containing the file or files I want to share. I don’t have to, but it’s said files travel better if compressed. I, then have two methods to get the compressed file to the point where I can then share it.

  1. Drag the compressed file to the Documents folder within the iDisk volume on my computer, and then sync to upload the files to the corresponding folder on my MobileMe cloud, or
  2. Log-in online to my MobileMe account, access iDisk, go to the Documents folder, select the upload icon to then upload the compressed file into the Documents folder on my MobileMe cloud.


Whichever method chosen, it’s an easy procedure.

Now online, clicking on that compressed file in my browser window, I am presented with the screen you see below:

  • Selecting the “Share Options” button, I can set stipulations on how I share this file.
  • The Address field links to my Mac’s Address Book for ease in adding email addresses and I can choose to enter, or not, a message to the recipients.
  • I like that there is a setting for how long recipients will have access to the file, and then access will automatically expire.
  • There is also password-protected access, forcing recipients to contact the sender for the password, thereby offering an added layer of protection.















Once I select "Share" to send off the email, all recipients see the below image in their email box:


Clicking on the Download button will then start the file downloading onto the recipients computer. The 1GB limit may be adequate for most, but if you need a larger file size limit, you might try Dropbox for sharing files, its limit is 2GB.


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One Response to Sharing Large Files from MobileMe

  1. Furioso says:

    Great piece with easy instructions. I might add that I use Filechute ( Once it’s configured with your MobileMe address and password the process is even simpler. Just drop the folder on the Filechute icon in your doc and it compresses, uploads to your specified MobileMe location, and gives you the URL to pass along to the downloader. Very quick, clean and fast.