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The weekend has just begun. – Whoo Hooo!


So we are looking at backups and restores as a step by step process of sorts. Last weekend was Step 1, identify the data you need to backup.

Once you have that information it’s on to Step 2. What media should I use to backup upon? That choice is made base upon largely the amount of data you need to backup. For example, if you are like some folks that I do business with, their backup media solution is quite simple. They just burn their data to a DVD and they are done. Having only about 2 gigabyte worth a data, a 4.7 gigabyte capacity DVD is more than sufficient for their needs. They don’t backup the programs or applications because they have copies of that store offsite with their data and are willing to restore the programs and then data to get back to operational status.

Most of the rest of us, with all the “new fangled” gadgets and gizmos that create data, have much more to be concerned about. Now we have to look at other options. I will illustrate a few here that I use.


Tools of the Trade


External Hard Drives – Capacities of up to 2 Terrabytes – Can be made bootable for fast recovery.


Cost: Starting at $40.00 depending on capacity and sales.

USB Flash drives – Capacities of up to 64 Gigabytes – Easy to use and store, even in your pocket.


Cost: Starting at $7.00 depending on capacity and sales.

Double sided Double Density DVD’s – Capacities of up to 8 Gigabytes – Very inexpensive media. Drive is already in your computer.


Cost: Starting at $.20 depending on capacity and sales.

Magnetic Tape – Capacities of up to 240 Gigabytes – Slow but great for archival backs.


Cost: Starting at $600.00 depending on capacity and sales. – Usually for the more “hard core” backup artist.

Choices abound so you need to figure what is best for you and as the knight in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” said “Choose Wisely” But remember, you can also use a mix of media as well.

Next I will give you Step 2a – What software do you use to do your backups and restores.


Musical Selection

Lets look back to past for one of the older groups that kept the girls happy —– enjoy!


Radio Sounds Good to Me

Once again, it’s February and it means 2 things. One, the Annual Port Huron FSC club will be having their Figure Skating Competition this weekend Feb 5th and I will be there as one of the officials. It’ll be great skating and great family enjoyment.  Therefore I will not be able to partake in the second thing which is the 13th Anniversary show for “The Internet Advisor” on 760 WJR AM between 3:00 and 6:00 PM this Saturday. The show has been running for the past 13 years and Foster, Gary, Ed and the rest of the gang will love to have you stop by for all things Tech and a piece of their virtual anniversary cake. It’s low fat and yummy!

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  1. Steven Klein says:

    Two points:
    #1: Does magnetic tape really make sense today? $600 for the drive, plus the tapes, which store only 240GB. For $600 I could buy ten terabyte drives.

    #2: Does anyone actually sell a chapstick flash drive? To see some photos from someone who made his own Chapstick drive, click here.