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Fish for everyone because…….


It’s Friday!



Okay I will fess up. It’s a really bad Canadian joke. This week is “Second Step A”


Last week we talked about hardware for backing up data. Now lets talk about software.


Depending on how much data and what media you use will determine the type of software you would use. Now let me say this up front. I will not be covering every software type out there so if I did not pick your favorite, life will go on.


USB Flash drives — Drag and drop via the Finder – No Charge built into Mac OS X.


Double sided Double Density DVD’s – Drag and drop and burn. Built into the Finder – No Charge.

However I like using Toast to do backups to DVD because I can setup specific sets once and use them over and over within Toast – Toast Software – $79.00 here


External Hard Drives – Time Machine if you have Mac OS X 10.5 or better. – No Charge built into Mac OS X.

However I like to also use “cloning” software like SuperDuper – No Charge if you don’t want all of the bells and whistles. $28.00 if you want it all get it here


Magnetic Tape

I shouldn’t include this one because it more “hard core” and more archival but for me I love it. You need a software package like Dantz Retrospect for Mac – You can backup to tapes, DVDs, and hard drives. A lot more complicated but not that hard to learn. Software costs $129.00 for a 3 user pack.


This is just a sampling of the software available and the costs if any. Just find one that fits you and use it. BACKUP and RESTORE is vital to the health of your data.


Musical Selection.

My daughter will be skating at Winterblast in downtown Detroit at Campus Martius with the rest of the “New Edge FSC” on Sunday at 3:00 PM. Stop down for some great skating exhibition and roast a marshmallow over an open fire.

You might want to rent the DVD and watch “Ice Castles” it’s a chick flick but guys it a great prep for Valentines day.






Tune in to the radio…


Saturday 2-12-2011 check out “The Internet Advisor”  we will be on the air from 3:00 to 6:00PM. It’s an extended addition again this week. Bringing to you great tech radio with the 3 — Foster, Ed & I. Tune in for good tech times.

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