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I love my iPad. You could probably say that I'm addicted to it. It was love at first touch, but I've never been happy with the finger smudges that seem to accumulate, no matter how clean my hands. Going all the way back to my first Palm Pilot (remember those?) I've tried various screen covers/skins, but have never been happy with them. No matter what I do, there is always at least one nasty bubble between the screen and the skin, and a couple of dust motes. They also seem to make the screen less touch sensitive. Well, it looks like I've finally found one I can live with — and recommend.

The moshi iVisor is not cheap (list $30.00), but it will probably be the last screen cover I have to buy for my iPad. There are two versions for the iPad, the AG (non-glare) and the totally clear XT. (And yes, there is one for the iPhone 4). What sets this apart from the others is the fact that it is fairly rigid and has a silicone adhesive only on the edges that cover the black border around the screen. No sticky stuff in the middle to trap air bubbles and bits of dust. Installation was a breeze, and I was able to reposition it a couple of times to position it perfectly. No more fighting floppy skins that want to flip over and stick to themselves. If you carefully remove it, it can also be washed, and once it's dry you can reinstall. 

Sensitivity — WOW! It's just as responsive to touch as it was without a cover. I tested my styluses with it, and it only liked my Pogo if it was perpendicular to the screen. No edges, please. My homebrew stylus was better, but the best results came with my iFaraday stylus. It works as well as ever.

Smudges — I'm in heaven! It seemed like I was cleaning my screen 3 or 4 times a day, and there were still always smudges. I've had my iVisor AG in place for more than 48 hours now, and I still don't need to clean the screen. And lest you think I only read email or books on this thing, I will admit to being hooked on Saqqarah HD at the moment, and my grubby fingers are all over that screen. The non-glare surface is not matte, but it does reduce glare without sacrificing clarity. With the iPad off and light at the right angle, you can see a slight moiré pattern where the cover touches the screen, but I don't notice it when the screen is on. All in all, I'm happy with my iVisor. Check it out. 

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