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I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Steve Jobs a Happy Birthday. And, to add good vibes out into the universe for his recovery.

Like millions of others, I have been touched by or benefited from Steve Jobs' vision, commitment to his ideas and tenacity.

My Mac and Apple devices have brought me great joy over the years. The iPod literally lit up my life. It has brought a world of music to my ears that I never imagined, yet alone, thought possible. In the old iPod commercials where you see the persons shadow dancing while they actually may be just sitting, standing or walking…oh, yeah, that's me. 

Some devices have enhanced my life greater than I could have imagined and some have even changed it altogether. I wasn't even into computers. I took a look at a, funny-looking, Macintosh 128K computer, and wondered, "What will that thing ever do for me?" Two years later I was doing CAD drawings, yes CAD, on a Macintosh SE. It was a clinic in scrolling, but, I have been a Mac lover ever since.

So just like the light bulb, the automobile, the telephone; my computer of choice is happily, just as ingrained in my day to day existence. The saying still applies, "I love my Mac." 

So, thank you Mr. Jobs, Happy Birthday, and wishing you the best of health.




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