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Digital content supplier Zinio has a lot of flaming unhappy customers right now. For the past week or more customers had no access to their digital content. 

The website and Zinio Reader apps have been completely unavailable and/or erratic for days now, almost a week. On the Zinio website, customers seeking information, were greeted with only a static image indicating that Zinio was offline. No other information. is up and running more steadily now, and the Zinio Reader apps are working better, but frustration still looms high for some customers, and especially for those who still have gotten no relief from the inability to acess their digital content.


For starters, there was no information whatsoever listed on this static page to inform customers of what was going on, or when the site would be back online. No redirect, no email to contact. Nada.

Only days later did any info seem to come to light, on the Ziniophile blog. The said problem: "An outage at one of our data centers."

Customers understand that things can go wrong, and we customers understand that issues and problems may take time to resolve; even longer than we may like. But only by searching online for a couple of days was I able to find out anything at all on this problem. I was initially concerned with my computer Zinio app, but when a total of three devices showed the same problem, I knew it was something amiss on Zinio's end.

These days, It's completely unacceptable for companies not to proactively communicate issues of this magnitude with the customers they want patience and understanding from. And for the most part, customers will be understanding.

And, I'm pretty sure that the staff over at Zinio is working long and hard to resolve the problems that they find themselves knee deep in. But I think they got on the communication to customers part a little late.

This in itself has caused the backlash that customers are unleashing on Zinio. While we can be patient, unlike a comment on Ziniophile from Zinio staff, we customers were not able to access previously downloaded digital magazines or get the Zinio Reader apps to work at all.

The Zinio Reader app wasn't working on any device it was loaded on. And, days later, when it finally became live again, I could not access Zinio downloads that have been on my computer for years, and at the moment, I still can't.

So, am I to fully understand that anytime the Zinio site goes down, I can not access any of the downloaded magazines that I have purchased from Zinio; over the past 10 years? That's the experience I got this week.

Hopefully Zinio will get their issues fixed soon and I can then get to the bottom of accessibility concerns regarding my purchased content.


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2 Responses to ZinioFauxPas

  1. Shock Me says:

    Their new version of Zinio 4 also is slower and buggier than the previous version and forced me to re-download all my magazines even though they were already there on the hard drive. The interface is totally changed and seems to be some cheezy cross-platform adobe air application.

    Thanks for nothing Zinio. Guess who won’t be renewing her subscription?

  2. Derrick says:

    I have had no issues with zinio at all – I have been reading and downloading at least 4 magazines over the past few days as well as reading them from my iPad as recently as yesterday morning while at the Drs office.