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Remember when you were in grade school and your mom wrote your name on the tag inside of your coat? What? Oh, you do that to your kids' clothing, too! Oh, and a few items of your own as well.

There's no shame in tagging your items. Especially when your items are laptops, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Smartphones and the like. These items are expensive and hold a wealth of information. Our day to day information. Information that If lost, to say the least,  just might ruin the day or week or even longer.

Like with your coat, there were/are no guarantees that if you take this precaution that you would get your item back; but it's worth a try. 

A nice app to tag your laptop with is a free program, Onyx. Now if you already use Onyx, you use it for a lot more than what I'm about to explain. Onyx is a great multifunction maintenance utility application for your Mac.

With Onyx you can run system maintenance, delete caches, verify the Startup Disk and the structure of  its System files, configure hidden parameters of the Finder, Dock, QuickTime, Safari, iTunes, Spotlight,  the Login window, etc.

And it is within the Login window that you can place your name, phone and any other contact information, in case you 'lose' your Mac and your guardian angel is working overtime to get this item back to you.

After going through the motions of downloading, installing and launching Onyx, selecting the Parameters icon and then the Login tab will present you with a field to activate and enter content that will be displayed inside your Login screen.

Clicking the Apply button will instantly add the information to your Login screen, restarting will not be necessary.

Every little bit helps.















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One Response to Tagging Your Login Screen

  1. Michael Verruto says:

    Well while this si “functionally” useful, back in the NeXT and OPENSTeP days you could REALLY tag the login – my team all had chars hydra loke Bill the Cat and others from Bloom county sitting and lounging on thud login panel itself – now THAT was cool!!!