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Keeping track of what's on your hard drive is always an interesting task. Sometimes even the best of organizers can find their content getting the best of them.

One of my biggest concerns are large files that make take up more disk space than they should.

To keep track of large files on my drive I create a Smart Folder.

Here's how:

  • From the Finder menu > File > New Smart Folder
  • Select the Volume to search
  • At the far right of this New Smart Folder window, click the "+" symbol to add search criteria
  • Drop-down menus will appear for you to select search criteria (If you don't see the criteria that pertains to your need, select "Other" from the left drop-down menu. This will give you a slew of items to now choose from)
  • If needed, continue to add criteria by clicking on the "+" sign to the right
  • Save your Search and add to the Sidebar



This Saved Search will update every time it is selected, to show the most recent changes on the drive

To edit a Saved Search:

  • Select the the saved search from the Finder Sidebar
  • Select the Task Gear icon at the top of the Finder window
  • Then select "Show Search Criteria"

With the items listed in the drop-down menu, your search criteria can be quite varied, to hopefully help you catch every item you are looking for.


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8 Responses to Smart Folders

  1. Karl Baumann says:

    smart folder disappears when selecting volume, what am I missing?

  2. Chita says:

    Please list steps of what you are doing.

  3. Karl Baumann says:

    go to file click on smart folder select hard drive icon, smart folder finder window gets replaced with the the finder window of hard drive

  4. Chita says:

    1. Are you selecting the checkbox to place the saved search in the Finder window?

  5. Karl Baumann says:

    Hi Chita,
    I only follow your instructions:
    From the Finder menu > File > New Smart Folder
    Select the Volume to search.

    smart folder is gone

    Thank you for your help, maybe you can show me at the next meeting.

  6. Chita says:

    You seem to be leaving out a step…

    You have to select the “+” symbol at the far right of that Smart Folder window to then enter your search criteria.


  7. Chita says:

    Problem solved:
    “Volume” in the Smart Folder section, not in the left pane of the Finder window.

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