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A while back I wrote about a solution to allow you to print from your iOS devices to your printer, even if your current printer doesn't have native AirPrint Support. While FingerPrint (the App I wrote about back then) worked, it didn't work with every printer and not in every case. There was a print to your hard drive PDF workaround, but I've long since forgotten about all that. There were some readers of that post that suggested I take a look at Printopia and you guys were right. I've been using Printopia ever since and it just works!

Easy setup

Printopia installs as a System Preference on your Mac. I installed it on my Mac OS X Server since that Mac is always on and it's been running ever since. I don't even think about it. It shows up on my network to all my iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. I can print directly to the printer or send it to my Dropbox account as a PDF. 


Some of the commenters even suggested a free way to do with an Apple Script instead of paying for any of these apps and while FREE is good, you get what you pay for. The free option only works on Snow Leopard whereas Printopia runs on Leopard (Mac OS 10.5), Power PC Macs as well as Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6). You also get more options with Printopia like printing to your Dropbox or to a folder on your Mac. Yes it supports multiple printers too.

I don't print very often, but when I do I just print. I don't think about it. Printopia works!

You can learn more and download a free trial here.

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3 Responses to You were right! Printopia Rocks

  1. Donna says:

    Ecamm has been around for years. Their applications are very reliable. Many years ago I bought one of their first applications to enable me to do iChat on a computer whose specs, according to Apple, could not support it. It worked perfectly. That was way back when iChat first came out. I have some of their other applications also. I bought Printopia without even trying it because I knew their work is reliable, It prints very well from my iPod Touch to my HP1012 which is attached to the USB port on my Airport. You DO have to have Printopia installed on a computer that is awake and running on the network, otherwise it tells you it cannot find a printer. So it obviously uses some mode of printer sharing. But regular Apple printer sharing does not work. And AirPrint does not work to that particular printer without Printopia. If you are traveling, you might want to carry Printopia Installer with you on a flash drive. However, you can always log in to ecamm and type in your info and redownload. They always have a record of which applications you have purchased. There is not problem with losing serial numbers if you have to wipe your drive or get a different computer or have a desktop and a laptop. I really can’t say enough good things about ecamm. I also have used for years iGlasses and Conference Recorder with iChat on m 10.4 machines with my iSight.

  2. les kern says:

    The free AirPrintActivator/AirPrintHacktivator have worked flawlessly for me. I am considered a “power user” and I print so seldom I wondered what all the fuss was about a printing solution. In fact I am trying to eliminate printing entirely from my life.

  3. Thib says:

    What was the AppleScript trick for printing?