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Fridays are here again and I am happy as well.

Well it’s the end of the work week and the start of what looks like a great weather weekend. Got a lot to do but looking forward to it.


The Tools are in.


Well I have my complete set of tools with the new job. The tool box is as follows:

1 – iPhone

2 – iPad

3 – Mac Book Air 13 inch

Along with a Magic mouse. It’s really great to have a set of tools like this.


I know that getting all these great tools are gonna come with a price but you know,,,,, I am going to pay that price because you know there is “no free lunch”


Last week I was thinking, how do I backup this madness and then I realized it’s going to be pretty simple. The 2 iDevices will be backed up in their respective iTunes library on the Mac. The Mac in turn would be backed up using an external drive and Super Duper. Stored secured somewhere off site, job done,



Radio Days

Make sure that you tune in for this weeks installment of “The Internet Advisor” on 760 AM WJR. I will be there with Foster, Ed and Gary to share all things Internet and Technology. Fire up the radio at 3:00 PM and keep it on till 6:00 PM.


C Ya!

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