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I have a thing for old films, whether they be comedy, cowboy or campy horror flicks. While the newer stuff can be streamed from NetFlix, there is a great source for downloading old films that are now considered public domain. Internet Archive has more than just movies, but that's all I'm covering today. You can download or stream everything from early silent films to early 50's TV shows to horror films from the mid-80's. I enjoy just browsing to see what has been added recently.

You generally have your choice of formats, such as Ogg Video, MPEG4 and MPEG2, even animated GIF. Search by title or genre, actor or producer. They also list the top 10 downloads of all time and last week. Two films that always seem to be in those top 10 lists are "Night of the Living Dead" and "Reefer Madness." I will admit that the last film I downloaded from this site was the last Laurel & Hardy film, Utopia (1951). The quality of most of the films is not great, but I still enjoy watching them, and you can't argue with the price.

One other site for the movie buffs out there — Movie Dubbers. This site has a huge list of films with the listings of who sang for which actor/actress, who played piano/trumpet/whatever, or who danced. In the case of "Death to Smoochy" it was Elvis Stojko who skated for Robin Williams. 

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3 Responses to Finding Really Old Films

  1. As an old movie buff I thank you for this very useful site. I’m hooked on old comedies, especially Laurel and Hardy and other relative unknowns like Ben Turpin. I’m going to waste a lot of time on this one with no regrets whatever.

  2. Mary Jo Disler says:

    Well, in the horror area, what about “The Thing,” early 1950’s. Boy I thought I was going over the edge to even go see it!

    And what about the early Westerns. Fun, fun, fun, whether they portrayed “reality” or not, or were pc or not. They were of their time and generated their own heroes – Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Gene Autry, and any number of others. Not as old, but “The Cowboys” with John Wayne, early 1970’s, was fascinating. One young cowboy was intrigued by guitar music of Vivaldi, of all things! A different type of story from the earlier westerns.
    Ah, nostalgia!

  3. Mary Jo Disler says:

    A last thought – The Internet Archive Phyl mentions has tons of things of various types. I’ve downloaded complete public domain books, and other stuff. Great site.
    Thanks Phyl.