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Long-time readers may remember this entry where I wrote about GoodReader for iPad and its support for PDF notes (and if you don't remember, or aren't a long-time reader, I have "linked" to the article – I am told by one of my readers that all the "cool kids" are doing it).

Back then, they added support for reading notes attached to the stamps and other items you can add to a PDF. If you look at the examples back then, you'll see how the PDF had elements that in my case were being used to represent race cars on a track, and are movable in the PDF (if you have a PDF editing program).

The problem then was that they still couldn't show all the annotations, so I still needed to use my laptop or desktop to get enough information to really use the PDF. Since then, they (and others, like ReaddleDocs and PDF Expert) have added the ability to read the annotations – but only as a long, drop-down list. It's pretty much useless for what I want.

Well, GoodReader has added some new features, but one that I'm excited about in particular solves my annotation problem. You can now create a "flattened" version of the PDF. What's that? They take all the annotations, draw a line to the point they are attached to, then put a box off to the edge of the page. Here's a small sample of one of the tracks near the edge:

You can see the lines and the numbered boxes to the right. These boxes lead to new pages added to the PDF by GoodReader. Here's a portion of one of the pages that corresponds to the boxes above:

As you can see, the numbered and colored boxes match up with the ones on the new page. Next to that is the entire annotation. Now I can respond without needing my laptop! This same change is in the iPhone version.  That means I will be able to respond even if all I have is my iPhone (well, after I pop for it – didn't really need it as badly before now).

One of the other changes is the ability to encrypt your files. I personally don't need this, but if you do, GoodReader has you covered.

GoodReader for iPad is $4.99 in the App Store. GoodReader for iPhone is also $4.99. It's not a universal program, so if you want it on both devices, you'll need to pony up twice (unless you can live with the iPhone version on the iPad, of course, but I'd rather have the improved interface on my iPad).


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