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Don't forget to back up your hard drive…. Oh, yeah, that's Cal's topic. But it's a good topic that bears repeating until you get the message that you should back up on a regular basis.

For years now, it's a ritual that I followed every night until a few nights ago when I noticed that the SuperDuper screen was showing red.

The reason was there wasn't enough disk space on my external backup drive to perform the backup. Well, there used to be plenty, but with a new computer comes a larger internal drive. And the external drive wasn't updated because I was sure I had enough space and time to do that later.

Well, later came early. So, off to surf the web to see which drive to purchase. Then to the nearest computer superstore to see if I could get it "right now." Don't laugh, you're the same way.

I purchased the drive, brought it home…then paused before breaking the shrink wrap and asked myself "Do I really need a larger drive right now? What is really on my internal drive that doesn't need to be there?"

Well, three hours later, the answer was "about 80GB."
What did I delete?

  • Personal family movie files that I've been "meaning to get to" to edit. They take up lots of GBs.
    Copied them on the backed-up archive drive.
    When I do get to that project, I'll copy them back then.
  • Obsolete files
    Files that pertain to obsolete or removed software.
    Definitely time for them to go.
  • Duplicated files
    Duplicates created because files were used in multiple projects.
    Created an alias to the original files
  • Files I will never open again in my lifetime.
    Files at one time deemed important. Now, just aren't.
  • Old electronic magazines
    Software changes so fast, no sense in holding on to old news.
  • If I couldn't decide to keep or delete a file, it was placed on the archive drive. (Which I also reviewed with a take no prisoners attitude and regained about 30GBs.)

So, the purchased drive went back, and SuperDuper fires up once again every night without a hitch, and plenty of room. For now.  🙂

What's taking up valuable space on your drive?


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