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About a year ago a merchant app titled "Square" caught my eye. Square allows you to customize and set up your own storefront, then accept credit card payments using your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android). You can use Square anywhere; meetings, markets, tradeshows, fairs, anywhere.

I wrote an article on Square that you can find HERE. I've found it to be a wonderful product with reasonable fees. You, also, can get a free dongle to swipe credit cards with from the Square website or from the Apple store. Or, you can just manually enter the credit card number.

The dongle, of course, is quite handy and is a valuable necessity. For, with manually entered credit card numbers, the fee charged is slightly higher. 

Months ago, when I received the dongle, my first thoughts were "This thing is so small, it's bound to get lost." So, i've kept it in a specific location when not in use. But, the real worry is when I do use it. How do I lessen the possibility of losing it? Recently, I've seen some cases for this dongle that might solve this. The one I've chosen is…

The "Square Credit Card Reader 3D Case."
This 3D imprinted hinged case, is quite stylish, and protects all parts of the dongle from bumps and bruises. You have your choice of 8 colors, along with choosing a key chain or lanyard strap attachment.

Although, this solution isn't necessarily inexpensive, $25, for an item I got for free, it works for me. And, that's what matters.   :::






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5 Responses to Square Credit Card Reader Case

  1. Donna says:

    Chita: Do you think this would fit in the little hinged case that came with my Panasonic Lumix digital camera battery? How long is it from Top to tip? How thick? How wide?

  2. Chita says:

    Donna, the Square dongle will fit in a case that has, at least, the following clear dimensions. 1″ wide x 1 3/4″ height x 1/2″ depth.

  3. Chita, is this it?

    If so, they charge 2.75% per swipe.
    Also, is it assumed that one is set up with a bank or such to accept credit cards?

    Sounds interesting – Just wondering what the whole setup requires.

  4. Web search turned up Intuit’s version of a similar app & device.

    Details on how it works on this page: