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Friday is back and why not? After all six days has past so it only natural.

I had to give my friend that sits at the table with her drink the day off. Why do you ask? Well I have not figured out how to cut and paste a picture with my iPad.

Now what is really cool is that I can type pretty good (well I don’t know how to type but I am one great pecker) on the iPad, cool!

But here is the real deal with the title of this weeks article. I thought I would have to come up with a different backup schema to deal with backing up my new devices ( iPad,iPhone, and MacBook Air). But thanks to Apple it’s well thought out and simple process.

First I had to create separate libraries in iTunes for each of my idevices. Then after backing them up in iTunes, it was just a matter of backing up my Mac with SuperDuper and the backup is done. Sweet action.

I am attending USFSA Governing Council so this weeks entry is short.

I will have more next week. But there is a lot you can do with an iPad. I won’t say it can replace my laptop, but it can take care of a lot of the basic tasks you may have to do.

C ya!

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One Response to I am back and it’s so easy!

  1. Linda says:


    What do you mean by “First I had to create separate libraries in iTunes for each of my idevices.”