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It's hard to believe that 2011 is already almost half over. However, we've got a good rest of the year planned for the members of MacGroup-Detroit as well as our 25th Anniversary Celebration happening in August. With that said we have 3 meetings left (June, November and December) that we need topics for. So here's your chance to chime in and suggest the meetings that you would like to see.

Check out what we have planned so far here.

You can do so using the comment section below or you can chime in over on our iBBS.

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7 Responses to Meeting Topics Anyone?

  1. Phyllis Evans says:

    How about the latest in font technology, differences in TTF, OTF & web fonts, font management?

  2. Audrey Williams says:

    1. How to collaborate with Google Docs
    2. A more in-depth session on all the wonderful things you can do with Dropbox

  3. Steven Klein says:

    How about meetings that cover two smaller topics instead of one big one?

  4. Calvin says:

    Steven. Here’s a “tiny tip” . Read the question throughly before responding.

    “Protection, Care and Cleaning of iDevices” – Cases, Cleaning Products stuff like that.

    “Maintainece of Mac OSX” – Tools and Tips to keep it running in top shape – Stuff like Onyx , MacJanitor, ….

    “How to decide on the best Mac or iOS device for you” – I want to buy a new “?” how much Ram, Hard Drive, Screen size …..

    – Not a full meeting but these could be a Mini Topics – following Steve’s idea.

  5. Chita says:

    1. Traveling Overseas with the iPad, best practices and tips.