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Mac OS has offered Quick Look for some time now. Quick Look, evoked by pressing the Spacebar after selecting an item in the Finder, gives you the ability to preview a file without actually launching the program that created the file.

PDF files, movie files, image files, Mail, document files and the like. Although not all file formats are supported in Quick Look, it is a handy feature for viewing a single file or multiple files.


When multiple files are selected in the Finder pressing the Spacebar will present all the selected files in Quick Look mode. At this point you have options to:

  • View the files singularly with the Next and Previous arrows.
  • Start a slideshow of the selected files.
  • Select the Index icon to view all the files at once.
  • View the files in Full-screen mode
  • Save the file to iPhoto

I use Quick Look constantly, it's very convenient. But I prefer to evoke commands from my keyboard instead of sliding the cursor from place to place. So, here are a few commands that help me use Quick Look more to my liking.

  • Pressing Option-Command-Y will bring all the files into the Quick Look slideshow mode in full-screen view and start the slideshow.
  • Pressing Option-Space will evoke the same Quick Look slideshow mode as stated above.
  • Holding the Option key while in Quick Look mode brings up the Zoom-In tool, Shift-Option brings up the Zoom-out Tool.
  • Once you release the Option key, the cursor changes into a double-sided arrow. Hold down your mouse button to pan the image around.
  • Pressing the Arrow keys while in the singular view, takes you through Next and Previous views.
  • Pressing the Arrow keys while in Index view selects the Next or Previous file.
  • Pressing Command-Return toggles the single file view and index view. Add the Shift key to see this transition in slow-motion.

Press the Esc key to dismiss Quick Look. :::



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3 Responses to A Quick Look into Quick Look

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  2. Frantisek says:

    Few more hints.

    As alt shift zoom out alt command zoom to fit. Holding shift when going to and back from index slows down animation, same as with Dock animations. And F9-12 keys works while you are in fullscreen mode and presing it second time returns you back.