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Well of course there is! Amazon seems to think so anyway as they have just opened their virtual doors to their Mac Download Store. Let's start with:

Why an App Store?

There are a few reasons why Mac Users, iPhone/iPad and computer users in general like App Stores.

  • Instant Gratification – You see something you want and within minutes you can have it and start using it.
  • Lower prices – Since there is no shipping of a box installed, in many cases downloads can be cheaper than the shrinkwrapped copies
  • Easier browsing – While software vendors have offered their software via electronic download for years, new users may not even find these apps. Now they have one stop shopping.

I could go on, but you get the idea that there are benefits to this model. Now the quesiton is: Does Amazon stand a chance. Afterall, Apple's "Mac App Store" is installed right on the Dock in Snow Leopard 10.6.7 and higher. It's one click away. Perhaps that is one advantage for Apple AND an advantage for Amazon as there are lots of Mac users that aren't on Snow Leopard for various reasons. The Amazon Mac App Store is a website. It doesn't require a specific version of the OS to access it. The Mac App Store probably wins when it comes to flexibility. Any Apps you download from the Mac App Store can be installed on ANY of your Snow Leopard Macs without a repurchase. All you have to do is go to the Purchased tab of the Mac App Store application and install the App on your other Macs. Lastly the Mac App Store allows for easy updating of installed Apps. Amazon has a lot to compete with, but I feel that there is room for this competition and I welcome it. We can never have too many ways of obtaining good software. Also Amazon's Mac Download Store is less restrictive to developers. This means they could potentially have more titles. 

Time will tell, but I welcome this competition!

Check out the Mac Download Store

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One Response to Is there room for two Mac App Stores?

  1. Petr says:

    As a long time Mac user, (1985 MacPlus), it’s a great sign that everyone wants to sell Mac Apps. 2 stores provide great, easy-to-find selection, and lots of developers – meaning we can if you need some app – somebody probably made one.