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Unlike some app add-ons that you use for a short while and then forget you have them, Simple Window sets is an app that I've been using continually for several years now, and here's why…

There are many, many times, while working on my computer that I have multiple Finder windows open. Why, because I will be working with multiple files in multiple locations.

Joining all the files together into one folder usurps the organization of the whole. And copying all the files I’m using to one location, to then use, brings up a can of worms that I don’t want to create. So hence, 4 or 5 Finder windows may be open and sized just to display the file or files used.

OK, I’ve learned to live with this, but the real issue for me is when I'm working on several different projects at one time, which is realistically, all the time. Even if I'm not working on more than one project at that moment, which does happen, to allow me access to certain files, the Finder window configurations will be different. So I have set up groupings, multiple groupings of Finder windows. Can this mean 8 to 10 Finder windows open at once? You betcha. 

Now, combine that visual with the application document windows, 9 or more applications running at one time, and you will see me on an average day. Digging through Finder windows is not my idea of happy, happy, joy, joy, effective time management no matter how good I am at keyboard shortcuts to how/hide/next or toggle.

Simple Window Sets
I was browsing through the third party apps on the Apple site and came across a few productivity tools that piqued my interest, but once tried, didn’t seem to fit a defined need. Then I came across Simple WindowSets, and smiled.

Simple WindowSets allows you to create and manage Finder window sets. You can create as many sets as you need, in any configuration needed. Then select any set to work with at any time and toggle back and forth between them. Tile them. Close them all. Even use, keyboard shortcuts to quickly get to the set you want.

When Simple WindowSets creates a Finder window set it remembers locations, physical sizes, and the current view(s) of the Finder windows; whether it be list, icons, column, cover flow, sorted, etc. If you need to change the configuration once you’ve created it, you can add or remove what is needed and update the set.

So you can have a set of Finder windows for your particular projects, specific applications, games, music, websites, etc. As a bonus, you can even create custom icons for your sets for quick visual identification, to add to the Simple WindowSets menu. These files have to be in the .png, .tif, icns, or .jpg formats. A Simple WindowSets icon in the menu bar allows you quick access to the different Finder window configurations you've created.




I love apps that do exactly what they say they will and do it well. This app does. While jostling around your Finder windows may not seem to be a big deal to some, for the rest of us, this app fills a definite need and is a welcome addition to my computer.

Simple WindowSets has a fully-functional, 14-day free trial time period, after that the asking price is $12.95.

It's one of the best $12.95 purchases you could ever make. 




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2 Responses to Simple WindowSets

  1. Hank McShane says:

    Hi Chita this is Hank, the developer of Simple WindowSets. Imagine my surprise when today I was looking through some Mac headlines on MacSurfer and stumbled across your article. I wanted to tell you I can feel your enthusiasm for the program through your writing. I regularly receive emails from customers expressing similar thoughts. Simple WindowSets seems to be a real time-saver for people and makes the chore of working with Finder windows easy. And the best part from my perspective is that people really seem to appreciate the program enough to let me know. That’s so awesome. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I noticed the article, that I enjoyed the story, and that it’s stories like this that give me the incentive to create these applications. Good luck and thanks for the publicity.