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With the iPad1 came the Apple black folio case. There was an abundance of them. They pretty much encased the iPad with the exception of the needed strategic openings. While it wasn't stuffed with protective padding, it did add minimal protection.

With the iPad2 came the SmartCover; that "covering" with the cutesy peek-a-boo feature that puts your iPad2 to sleep and wakes it up and folds. Well, fine, thanks, but I prefer to have my iPad2 encased and protected, even mininally. Unfortunately, fellow blogger Jack reinforced that notion with his recent mishap.

I looked for a replica of the original Apple black folio case for the iPad2 and found that that wasn't as easy as I expected it to be. Every vendor, it seemed, was trying to mimic the new SmartCover.

Even at the local stores that carried iPad2 accessories, vendors were exercising their creativity when it came to cases. Some cases ranged from expensive flimsy and useless, to expensive bulky—making the iPad weigh three times its original weight, to expensive and nice—but way too expensive, to hmmmm. Online was pretty much the same experience.

Finally, after lots of searching and a little waiting it out, HardCandy has come up with a folio case for the iPad2 that resembles the original iPad1 folio case; same fold and tuck.

The CandyConvertible iPad2 Faux Nubuck Flip Folio Case gives you the experience you had with the original iPad1 folio case, made for your iPad2.

The nubuck finish has a nice soft feel, but not slippery to the hand, and the iPad2 fits very snug inside. Colors are (jet) black and (bright) red. These cases are priced at $44.95. 



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2 Responses to Prefer Safer over Smarter

  1. brooklyn says:

    Thanks – this is helpful! I also wanted a case for 2 that mimics my original Apple 1 case.

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