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"iPad is disabled try again in 10 minutes."


This was a definite WTF moment.


About an hour earlier, I’d put my iPad to sleep as I traveled.

The surface was covered and protected, so nothing was rubbing up against it.


When I pressed the home button, instead of being greeted with the familiar passcode screen, I was greeted with the screen below.



I have owned an iPad since they first came out, but have never seen this screen before or even heard of this happening, so I was surprised, no shocked. Luckily, I was near my computer. I Googled, to find that it occurs with too many passcode attempts. OK, I understand that, but how about none? The iPad was asleep, case cover was closed.


I waited (was forced to wait) the 10 minutes, but kept checking to see if the lockout would end and I’d see the passcode screen. No, but the minutes were counting down. After the 10 minutes were up a slider bar appeared, I slid, and the passcode screen appeared.


OK, so I definitely needed to solve this. Being locked out is not an option. What was the cause, glitch, too much shaking in the bag? No, me, or better, my new wireless keyboard.


I do a lot of typing on my iPad, I needed a real keyboard so that I could type the real way, from feel. 


The problem lie in not turning off the paired wireless keyboard before I put everything in my bag and took off. Setting the lock screen is not like putting your computer to sleep. The iPad and wireless keyboard are still having a conversation. And if the keys are pressed, as they might be jostling around in the bag, they are interpreted as passcode entry attempts to unlock your iPad.


The more wrong attempts, the longer you are locked out. Ouch!


Apple also has a setting that would wipe the iPad clean if there are too many unsuccessful passcode attempts. Luckily, that settings default is set in the off mode. See here for their kb doc.





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4 Responses to iPad is disabled…

  1. Donna says:

    I always turn off the KB when I’m not using it as well as the bluetooth on my Touch so as to conserve battery. I assume that would avoid this problem.

  2. Howard says:

    Wow …. the world came to an end !!! LO … yet there was a logical explanation. Good work, again, Apple !

  3. entesar says:

    my ipad disabled and with no time to waite ,,, acant do any thing but to connect it to itone but its stili and still locked …
    what can I do to solve this problem …

  4. Chita says:

    Try this solution found here:
    Turn your iPad off
    Press home button for a count of 10
    Connect to your computer