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Lion, aka OS X 10.7, is reported to have reached Golden Master status, so it shouldn’t be long now. Joe Kissell over at Take Control Ebooks has released “Take Control of Upgrading to Lion,” and if you plan to move up to Lion, it’s a good $10.00 investment. Because of non-disclosure agreements with Apple, he can’t tell you everything — yet — but an update for the ebook will be available for download at the same time Lion is released. It’s only 66 pages, but it’s packed with good, solid information on how to upgrade, what to do before you upgrade, what to do if something goes wrong. Pre-order “Take Control of Using Lion” by Matt Neuburg at the same time and get both for $17.50 instead of the standard $25.00. Books are available in Epub and PDF format, so you can read them on just about anything. I have mine on my iPad so that I can refer back during my upgrade.


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