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I got an email from my close personal friends at Netflix today. Currently, I'm on a plan that lets me stream anything that's available in the Netflix library (which is a smaller portion of their entire library) and lets me request a single DVD or BluRay out at a time (although as many as I want in a month at one-at-a-time). For that they charge me $11.99. That's pretty reasonable – I don't stream a lot, and anymore I find myself getting maybe one disk every couple of months.

Apparently, Netflix thinks that's a sweet deal for me too. So they are splitting the deal up into two – a $7.99 unlimited streaming deal, and a $9.99 one-at-a-time DVD/BluRay deal. So I can have the same thing I had before for only a 67% price increase!

This new pricing takes effect immediately for new subscribers. Current subscribers at least have been given fair warning – our plans change September 1st. But mine will be changing before that.

For as little as I use the DVD/BluRay plan, I guess I'll drop it. I do like having the streaming so I'll hang onto that – at least for now. But for the extra$6 a month I can just rent the occasional flick from iTunes or Amazon (I have the original AppleTV and a Tivo to play them back on my TVs with).

Really, Netflix? 67%? I didn't realize you were hurting so badly. I mean, you just raised prices last November. Oh, wait, you're not doing badly at all, doubling your income year over year. But you'll do it with a bit less money from me.


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4 Responses to Gimme Some Money

  1. Dave says:

    I received that email as well but they want $7.99 for the streaming and $7.99 for the physical media plan. This totals up to $15.98 per month.

    We get 4-5 disks per month currently as my daughter wants movies/TV shows that aren’t available for streaming. If we stay with the new plan, I will encourage her to order more disks than before. Less than that means I too will drop the physical media plan.

  2. Chita says:

    I guess because I suspended my Netflix account a few weeks ago, I haven’t seen that email. Offerings just didn’t seem that interesting anymore and I noticed that the offerings that I was interested in and watched, disappeared. I guess that suspension will go on for longer than I initially planned.

  3. Yvonne says:

    I am not totally crazy about the price increase but in my case the account is in my name but my Mom has access to the account. And I think we use it enough with disks and streaming to keep it. Now if they decide to raise it again I might reconsider. The thing that bothers me is that you have dvds that you can get as well as stream but there are also dvds that are not available for streaming. I am thinking they need to level the playing field so if you have just one or the other they should be offering the same things.

  4. Jack Beckman says:

    Dave, Mine was $2 more a month to include BluRay, which is why my disc plan was $9.99/month.

    And yes, this would be more palatable if you got something for your money, but the streaming side is not expanding very fast. I do at least use that during the month though – my disc usage has fallen off (as I either just buy discs, or they don’t seem to have what I want in disc form either).