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Missed me ….. yeah me too.


The past couple of Fridays have been …. unique for me. Never worry. The rejoicing of the end of the week prevails. Always has, always will.



I had to back up to back up.

Once a quarter, I do a backup of a Mac that I have to tape for an offsite storage need. However when I went to perform this function, the backup software did not want to cooperate. I suspect that when I downloaded some updates, they may have affected the software for the backup software. I really did not have the time to research the “root cause” of this problem and decided to go another way to diagnose and or fix the problem of not being able to do the tape backup.


So what I ended up doing was booting to another drive with the same Mac OS X operating system and the same tape backup software. Once I did this, the tape backup software worked just fine. Since it was working, I backed up the drives I needed to first. Once those backups were complete, I then started working on fixing the original problem.


The point I am really trying to make here is this. By doing a complete backup of the hard drive and not just the data, I was able to get myself back up and running in a few minutes to resolve my problem. Had I only backed up the data portion, I would not have had this option that allowed me to continue.


So kids, you may want to consider having a “clone” backup of your current drive available to use in cases like mine. It will keep you up and running while you work on the problem you may have. Clone back ups are bootable backups.


Musical Selection

Gary U.S. Bonds made this Springsteen song popular. It was popular in the 80’s but looks like it could make a comeback now.




Tune in to the radio…

Saturday 7/16-2011 check out “The Internet Advisor”  we will be on the air from 4:00 to 6:00PM. Tune in for good tech times.

Don’t forget the MacGroup Detroit monthly meeting on Sunday.

You know you want to bee there!




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