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I admit to being an early adopter, one of those with a need to be on the cutting edge of everything, so of course, I downloaded OS X 10.7, aka Lion, bright and early Wednesday morning. Now, even though I like to be on the cutting edge, I don't like to bleed, so I did do my prep work. I used SuperDuper to create a clean, bootable backup, and yes, I even used it to run the computer to be sure that it truly was bootable. I will also admit that I was installing it on my MacBook (2008, 2.4 GHZ, 13" Core 2 Duo), my backup system, not my iMac. That's my business machine, and I can't afford to have it out of commission.

It took about 40 minutes to download the installer, not bad considering how many copies were being downloaded. It opened automatically when it finished downloading, but that was it. Instead of giving it the go-ahead to install, I followed directions found on a couple of other sites and created an installer DVD and also a flash drive installer. Easy. When those were finished, I went ahead and installed it. Took about 45 minutes.

The first headache, at least for me, was that Spotlight was re-enabled and was trying to index the drive, hogging memory and processor. Now, I've never been a fan of Spotlight, so it had been disabled. Finally used Lion Cache Cleaner to disable it again. Much better. Now, this MacBook has never been a speed demon, but it crawled with Lion and only the stock 2 GB of RAM. I did what I should have done a long time ago and ordered more memory. 

A couple of days later, new memory installed, I had to admit I liked what I saw. It's faster than my iMac that has a faster processor and the same amount of RAM. Yes, I'm getting antsy to try it on the iMac, but I'll follow Terry's suggestion yesterday, and install it on an external drive first. Just in case. 

So far, after tweaking settings on a few things, I have no complaints. Nothing that I use seems to be broken, other than some old games that I knew were goners. Safari is faster, ditto iPhoto and iWeb. Word and Excel seem to be working. Full window viewing is nice. There are times when I like to get rid of the distractions. Being able to resize a window from any edge is very nice. I remember having a utility that let me do that in the days before OS X. One thing I do miss is the stupid little oval in the upper right corner. You know, that little thing that hides or shows the menubar or sidebar? Come on, Apple. Give it back. It's annoying when you want to close a disk image that only gives you a window and no sidebar with and eject icon.

More next week, after I've had a chance to play with more apps. 'Til then, if you are tempted to upgrade, don't forget to back it up first. And be sure the backup works. Oh, and the DVD I burned with the installer. Worked like a charm on my daughter's MacBook.


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One Response to Early Impressions of Lion

  1. Eric says:

    I was under the impression that Lion wouldn’t install on a Core Duo (specs call for a Core 2 Duo). Did you have to do anything special?