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How many external drives do you normally have attached to your computer?

Two, three, maybe four? More?
If you have multiple external or network drives attached to the desktop computer or laptop it takes time to unmount them all.

For me, at any given time, I also have multiple external drives connected to my laptop and when it is time to pack up and go I often feel slowed down by the unmount process.

Dragging the disk icons to the eject icon, or un-mounting from Disk Utility, clicking on each icon beforehand gets a tad bit tedious, a.k.a. too many clicks to suit my needs.

BUT, I don’t dare be impatient enough to unplug before un-mounting any of the drives. I’ve unintentionally experienced that before and several times it has been catastrophic. A 4 day ordeal once, just thinking about it brings shivers.

So, I’m careful to unmount, but really would like the process to be faster. A little app that makes that happen for me is unDock.

unDock, by Flying Paper Software, available in the App Store for .99¢, will in one click or keyboard shortcut, instantly eject all of your mounted external and network drives. Taking the extra steps out of the normal procedure.

Also, if you have an external drive for Time Machine backups mounted, unDock, if necessary, will cancel an in-process Time Machine backup before it un-mounts the Time Machine drive.

unDock also has the ability to run scripts during this un-mounting process. You can set your desired options in the unDock Preferences.



As, stated, you can set up a keyboard keystroke in unDock and also display the unDock command in the OS menu. For my purposes, always, the less clicks the better. This basic utility is very helpful in making my workflow flow.



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