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Feeling under the weather today, so a short post. With the advent of Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard (which is also the default version for Lion), the interface to Safari changed. It changed enough that the folks who make my favorite add-on, 1Password, made a whole new plug in to replace the old one which would no longer work. The new one has all sorts of eye candy, but is missing some of the functionality and ease of use of the old one (particularly the ability to save passwords to different folders, a feature I use heavily). In addition, it seems to often ask to save passwords it already has saved, which is quite annoying. Lots of angry posts on their support boards over this, and they say they are working to restore full functionality. It still works fine in other browsers like Firefox or Chrome, but I am a Safari user and don't want to switch.

I decided I wanted the old functionality back, which meant reverting to Safari 5.0x. This hint from MacWorld's hints page shows you how to use the hidden backup copy Apple saved when you upgraded, but it does require that you use the Terminal. If you don't want to use the Terminal, here's an all-graphical hint, also thanks to MacWorld. You could also re-run the 10.6.8 Combo updater to re-install Safari 5.05, or use Pacifist as mentioned in the MacWorld second hint and use the Combo updater as your source, installing just Safari.

I've left 5.1 on one computer that I don't use as much so I can keep testing the 1Password plug-in and see when they get it working 100%


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One Response to Take It Back

  1. Linda Lombardo says:

    Thank you so much, Jack! I could no longer remotely connect to my work PC via MBP w/ Snow Leopard after the update to Safari 5.1…..
    I just followed the instructions in your article and I am happily back on Safari v5.0.3… Everything works again!
    Thanks for blazing the trail for us.