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There's that old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
Because, then, then you'll really break it.

So, who's idea was it to fix the keyboard shortcut window toggle behavior in Safari?
I don't know but, let me reiterate, "It wasn't broken."
I would have put that in all caps, but yelling won't help.

OK. Before it was fixed, you could repeatedly press the Command+~ (Command key plus the tilde key) keys, while in Safari, to toggle through all open windows. Now, that this behavior has been fixed, pressing the Command+~ keys will toggle you only through a few of the open windows, not all of them.

I noticed this fixed behavior awhile ago because I constantly use this key combination to toggle through any of 8 to 10 Safari windows I may have open at any given time. I was only getting 3-4 windows to toggle, and I knew more were open.

So, I Googled to see what was up. And, it seems that this is the way it works now. And is frustrating all who are used to the old behavior.

Why 3-4 windows, and how are these windows chosen to be the favored?
Or, how about, please set it back to what it was. (I would like to have put that in all caps also.)

In the meantime, if you want to see the old pre-fixed behavior, use this new set of key combinations, Command+Shift+~.

I'll let you know if this is fixed in Lion.



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