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With Labor Day behind us, the youngsters are now headed back to school. I remember growing up with multiple sets of flashcards in the lower grades. Now, instead of paper flashcards, there are many different free sets available in both the App Store and the iApp Store. Math, foreign languages, dates in history, name it and you'll find it. For languages, you'll even find freebies that will pronounce the words for you, however, if they are all like the Italian version, don't bother with them. If the word has more than two syllables, it's going to be mangled. 

For the language student, how about a novel or two in that language? Amazon's Kindle bookstore has many, Kindle not required. Remember, you can use a free Kindle reader on just about anything today. 

Not the greatest of teachers, but I still love The Three Stooges:


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