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Remember Visual Hub?

Visual Hub was the perfect little media encoder. You could easily convert media to PSP, DV, DVD, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG and even Flash formats.

Techspansion, Tyler Loch, closed the door on this wonderful little program in October 2008. Through the open source community, it reemerged incarnated as FilmRedux. I don’t know where it went from there. Some stayed with their Visual Hub softwar. Others migrated over to Handbrake or other encoders.

Visual Hub (v1.34) was still useable up to OS X Snow Leopard, but broke with the new Lion OS.

Recently, Visual Hub developer Tyler Loch, updated Visual Hub to support Lion. This is a free update available at the Techspansion website.

According to Loch, this truly is the last update ever for Visual Hub. If anything breaks from this point on, go elsewhere.

Also, recently, there has been some confusion and strained relations as online payment processor Kagi, has been offering an unauthorized Lion-compatible update of Visual Hub for $4.99. Not a different update, the exact same Tyler Loch update, without his knowledge.

While they iron out their matters, if you need to update your version of Visual Hub, go directly to the Techspansion website.

See this TUAW article HERE for more info.

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