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Well enough about about food and let’s get to the meat of the matter. I guess I did not get off the food, but I digress.


See You in September



It’s that time of year again. Many young people and some older ones are going back to school. I am pretty much focusing on college students with this writing so it can be both old and young. One of the needed items when going back to school is the laptop computer.  These are items that are not low cost if you are getting a decent one or a Mac.  Young folks with their active lifestyle can be really rough on electronics at school. This is even more the reason to make sure that your homeowner’s insurance policy not only covers for the laptop, but for “all perils” as well.


The perils of Pauline’s laptop



Lets talk about perils. There are two type. The first is the perils that are physical and directly to the Mac or other laptop computer. This would be accidents like water damage, heat,  and of course theft. Laptops have the issue of “growing legs” and walking away if you are not watching it constantly in public. Theft is an easy way to lose a laptop. Make sure to consult with your insurance agent on coverage. Sometimes a “rider’ of $25.00 more a year on your policy can provide for a great breath of coverages on your student’s computer and protect your wallet. Nothing makes a dad feel better than to have that son or daughter call home and say, I lost my computer.

The second peril, and most people do not think about it, is loss of data. However, having a good backup solution can help to mitigate data losses. Two ways to take care of that issue easily.

a) Subscribe to a internet online backup solution – You may want to look into a solution like “Crash Plan”, “Mozy”, or “Carbonite”. These are all online services that can backup your students laptop as long as they have a high speed internet connection. That way if the computer is lost, at least the thesis that the student was working on for weeks is not lost and can be recovered. – Disadvantage – The recovery can be slow depending on how much data needs to be restored. But slow recovery beats no recovery.

b) Do a localized backup – Purchase an external USB or Firewire hard drive that is at least as big or bigger than the internal hard drive in the laptop computer. For Mac users, the software to do the backups is free. “Time Machine” is built into Mac OS X so all you need to do is connect the external hard drive and follow the prompts. You’ll be backing up in no time. The second choice which is my preferred choice is to use a “cloning” program called “Super Duper” which is free as well. The beauty to Super Duper is that it will clone your entire drive on the external and make it bootable. That way, if you lost your Mac laptop to theft or some other peril, when you got the replacement, you just clone it back and you are back in business. Also if you had a fellow student that had the same type of Mac, you could boot to his machine and finish your home work. – Disadvantage – You have to store the external backup separate from the laptop in a safe place so it wont be in the same peril as the laptop.

So. Make sure you include in your back to school technology budget, a good backup solution. It’s your choice the level of protection you would like to have for yourself and your student.

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