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It turns out that I am not the only person less than ecstatic about the way the Lion OS displays icons in the Finder sidebar.

I drag folder icons of frequently used folders to this sidebar for quick access. Those folders have customized icons so that I can quickly differentiate the folder I want. After all, we are visual.

Lion took all of that away. Now, I have to spend time reading folder names to make sure that I have the correct folder. Not very Mac-like, at all.

So, I hunted for a solution and found these that I've posted below. They involve third-party plugins and use of the terminal. I surely hope that Apple changes this, or at least gives us a preference checkbox to turn on/off. Apple doing something in monochrome is soooooooo un-Apple like

Three ways to fix OS X Lion's Finder Sidebar


Finder Sidebar Tweak for Mac OS X Lion




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