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I really like the features of Safari, but I’ve run into problems with it in Snow Leopard probably due to the large number of tabbed windows I like to have open all day. Google Chrome succeeded where Safari failed me in terms of stability. When I saw some of the features when running Safari in Lion I was contemplating switching back or least trying it again to see if it’s more stable. However, I didn’t have to make that change because the latest version of Google Chrome now supports full screen mode as well as the two finger gesture swipes through browser history. They also implemented Lion’s overlay scroll bars.

The only feature I still miss to this day is the Mail This Page feature of Safari. It would also be nice to have the Readability feature. However, if I need those I can merely launch Safari and use it for those sites. I rarely if ever have any crashes in Chrome and I have no less than 20 tabs open in one window with 6 in another. It’s the most stable browser I’ve ever run.

You can get Google Chrome here for free of course.

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5 Responses to Google Updates Chrome with Lion Features

  1. Marc Schwachter says:

    Use iReader extension for reader and any of a number of extensions for mail this page.

  2. Roland Young says:

    When using Chrome, how do you sync bookmarks with the iPhone and iPad? That would be my only concern.

  3. Tegan Freyre says:

    copy edit: I do believe you mean ‘your’. Excellent article though!