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Recently, family and friends were having a political discussion. 

A debate, conversation, argument on the constant silliness and childishness exhibited by elected officials regarding events and matters that truly affect us all. That led to discussion on the masses who are purposely and happily distracted. Which then led to discussion of the Jay Leno Tonight Show segment "JayWalking", which shows real people being asked real questions and giving the most ignorant and clueless responses to.

This lead to the comment "Common sense isn't taught."

  • Common sense will lead you in the right directlon.

  • Common sense will intuitively warn you.

  • Common sense will make you look before you leap.

  • Common sense will quietly but instantly tell you what you should or should not be doing.



Well, the next day, I read an article that left me shaking my head, asking "Where's the common sense here?"

The story outlined how a young girl, unknowingly, purchased a wooden iPad (yes, wooden) from parking lot retailers. As I read the article, all I could do was shake my head. This story could lend to so many retorts that one could be speechless getting them all out, but some tried. The article is HERE. Enjoy, and try to stay off the floor as you are laughing.


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One Response to Common Sense isn’t Taught

  1. calvin says:

    The problem is that “Common Sense” is not as common as it should be. Great article.