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One of the new features of OS X 10.7, aka Lion, is a little gem called AirDrop. It’s a very fast, handy way to share files between Macs on the same network. It was one of the things that I looked forward to using. Only one thing was wrong — my MacBook is too old, by Apple standards. Boo, hiss.

Last week I read an article on the site showing how easy it is to enable AirDrop on older Macs running Lion. Open the Terminal and enter:

defaults write BrowseAllInterfaces 1


After that, you’ll either need to restart your computer or just restart the Finder by typing:

killall Finder


That’s it. Open AirDrop on both computers and drop away. I know I could use my DropBox or SugarSync accounts to accomplish the same thing, but this is a direct copy, and doesn’t have to go through a third-party server. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t cost a thing.

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2 Responses to AirDrop on Older Machines?

  1. Luke says:

    Just a bit of extra info: The two Macs don’t have to be on the same network or on any network at all, AirDrop will automatically create an AdHoc network between the two Macs to transfer the file, so you could be in the middle of a desert and it would still work 🙂