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Once again, the week has progressed. Therefore once again it’s ……….


F R I D A Y  !

You know what I found the past week when I was looking for something else not related to anything tech?

You know what I found?

You really want to know?

Okay, I will tell ya.

The Hidden Stash

I found a bunch of backups that I did over 6 years ago. Now they were not critical backups and most were redundant copies. How ever, they were still around. Now that is not a bad thing. I mean I have never had too many backups. But on the other hand, at 45.00 per tape, there is no need tying up perfectly good media with data that is no longer needed. Also if that data that is on those tapes contain personal info, it needs to be managed properly to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. This applies to any backup media, may it be tape, disk, thumb drives, CD’s, DVD’s, whatever.

Practice proper backup management

Now while the tapes were retaining data that was way past usefulness, the tapes alone were being managed properly by being stored in a secure location. so there are many different aspects to proper backup management. So of the important ones for me are:

Location – Safe and secure.

Identification – Label media with info that clearly identifies the media and the contents.

End of Life – On that same label, indicate the time for rotation of media or time of erasure or destruction.

Log of the Media – This is optional and needed only of you are managing large amounts of backup media. Also your backup program might have a way of managing you media.

It’s your data. By maintaining control over your backups, you’ll know what you have on hand, what needs to be kept, for how long, and when you can let it go. More importantly, when you need to do a restore, you can find it easily and quickly.

Musical Selection Section

Sometimes when you lost something in your closet and your emotions can get the best of you if you can’t find it.



Radio Days


Now, even though we are not being broadcasted locally on Saturday this week, there is still a way to enjoy the “Internet Advisor” on WJR on Saturday. Just visit the website and you can download the podcast of our shows. In addition to that you can utilize the various forums that are available as a resource and also as a place you can pose your tech questions. Also ——–shhhhh——-I am going to tell you a secret. If you call 1-800-879 0957 between 5:05 and 5:50 we might be able to answer your tech question and add you to this weeks podcast. —-shhh don’t tell everyone.


C Ya!

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  1. Thanks for the info. That video really rocks!