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Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are finally past and the countdown to Christmas and Hanukkah has started. I’ve started looking at iPad/iPhone holiday apps, and there are a few new ones available.

FIrst up is Appy Christmas. An animated Santa will give you an Advent countdown, with a new free app every day starting on December 1st. Try to open one of the doors early and Santa will tell you “no, no, no” or “please be patient” and refuse to open it. Talk to Santa and he’ll parrot back whatever is said in a chipmunk-like voice. He’ll also give a countdown in days, hours or minutes. It’s cute, and of course, the price is right. Free.

Next up is XMas Radio. Like Halloween Radio, this has a bunch of streaming stations from North America & Europe. Haven’t played with it much, but it seems to have a bit of everything.

Finally, a revisit to one of my favorite addictive games from last year is in order. Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift has been updated to take advantage of that camera in your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad 2. Create a photo greeting card, complete with Om Nom and various props. This is one of the few games that I keep going back to. It’s fun, and candy-eating Om Nom is really cute.

That’s it for this week. I’ll leave you with a video from last year. The snow hasn’t arrived yet, but here in Michigan we won’t have long to wait, I’m sure.


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