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Just a quick tip this week. I’ve had a weird problem with the last few releases of iTunes when downloading app updates. I’ll click on “check for updates” from the Apps screen and see two or more waiting for me…

and I click on the “Download All Free Updates” button. I put in my password (you don’t store yours so just anyone can buy stuff on your account, do you?) and the downloads start. But even after all the downloads complete, occasionally I’ll see one item left behind…

I know it downloaded – not only did I see it in the activity monitor at the top, but the old version is in the trash. If I hit “Download All Free Updates,” it downloads again – but sits in my iTunes store display as available.

This used to drive me nuts – because if it’s a big download (and I had this happen once with Navigon, befre they slimmed it down), then every time you click “Download Al,l” the dang thing downloads again, but won’t go away.

Sometimes I can cure this by sending iTunes away and then restarting it. But often that doesn’t work. The one way out of this that I have found works 99% of the time on the first try (and when it doesn’t, works on the second try) is to click on the “Get Update” button next to the item rather than “Download All.”

Yes, it means downloading one more time. But once is better than half a dozen times, right?






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