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Yep it’s the last one.

And she’s still enjoying 2011



Funny, I had thought of doing some sort of reflection on 2011. But when I really think about it, someone else will do that so why be redundant?

Besides, trying to follow my Thursday blog predecessor, I can’t top that. I think she hit on one of the biggest events of the year, sans the Tsunami that hit Japan early in 2011.

Of course I could extoll the virtues of making sure you keep backing up your devices, but I have 51 other Fridays reserved for that.


One thing I will suggest for 2012. Do something to help out another person. There are a lot of people that are not as fortunate as we are and they could use a helping hand. Find a local charity or support system like “Forgotten Harvest” “Gleaners Food Bank” or “Meals on Wheels” and donate some time and effort. It will do you good and do some else good as well. Just pick a day this coming year to share of yourself. Maybe we will run into each other doing the same good.


Perhaps I will do one more thing that a lot of people will do.

I can only hope for a GREAT 2012 for you and yours. I intend to make it a great year for my family in addition to myself.


The New Year…………Embrace it, Love it, Live it!


C Ya!

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  • Thanks, Calvin, for your excellent thoughts and wishes for the new year. We enjoy your blogs.